7 Sins

Released in 2005 by developer Monte Cristo, 7 Sins is a life simulator game. What makes it original is the fact that the simulation reflects the effects of human interactions, and the toll it takes on your character. A third person game that puts players in a city ruled by fortune, fame, and sex, 7 Sins is a game aimed towards a mature audience.

The game received lukewarm critical and popular reception, even though the game was not a blockbuster by any means, it still showcased originality in its concepts, decent dialogue options, and above average visuals for a Playstation 2 title. Be warned the actions, mini-games and topics of 7 Sins, are not for kids, or a younger audience.

The Original Sin

As far as simulating games go, 7 Sins was one that subverted the family-friendly genre that was popular at the time. Games like The Sims, were very prominent but focused on the virtues and “clean” side of human interaction, in this game we get a more gruesome, realistic depiction of human interaction. Developer Monte Cristo does a fine job understanding the ulterior motives that drive most of mankind, sex, money and fame.

Distributed in seven different levels players are tasked with rising through the social ladder and developing relationships with the characters that populate the game. There are over one hundred NPC’s for players to interact with, some of them are essential for progression, and once you build relationships with them, the game unlocks more missions for you to replay.

The big selling point of the game is that it allows players to do morally dubious actions while interacting with players. During all of your interactions you are free to create rapport through regular exchanges, or make sinful choices based on lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Resolutions from these choices are what push the game towards adult audiences, the game is sexually charged and players are encouraged to do morally questionable actions to achieve their goals.

Cardinal Mini-Games

While the game has a surprisingly vast number of characters and interacting options, multiple opportunities to manipulate, lie, cheat and further your own agenda through morally ambiguous, or outright evil choice, the game truly finds its pace with the mini-games that are sprinkled throughout the campaign. There are over twenty of them covering sex, drinking, erotic drinks, and even one called “toilet’s Mozart”.

As seen in the topics, dialogues and proposed mini-games 7 Sins, is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Humour – aside from sins – is the most prominent thing in this game, from the mini-game titles, to the ludicrous dialogue possibilities it is hard to take what you’re playing seriously, and that’s okay.


In a non-linear, mature and humorous fashion 7 Sins tries to create originality in a gaming genre that wasn’t fully explored. The adult themes, mini-games and dialogue are certainly what carries the game, since gameplay itself is very straight-forward point-and-click, with the exception of mini-games.


Players that enjoy simulating games, and want to try something outside of The Sims, or Second Life this title is a more adult approach to simulation. Yet, unlike other simulators, it has levels and consequently a shorter life span, still it offers players a new experience in the genre.


  • Diverse Dialogue
  • Fun Mini-Games
  • Original Concepts
  • Easy to Play


  • Humour Hasn’t Aged Well
  • Small Amount of Content
  • Visually Saturated UI
  • Slow Paced
  • Sinful Actions Can Feel Offensive