4×4 EVO 2

With only a few great off road games like ATV Offroad Fury hitting the market in the past couple years, there’s a significant potential to easily have a top seller in this genre. By just giving a solid performance in the major areas like graphics, control, track complexity and variety, an offroad game would fill the gap of multiple substandard attempts and quickly become a favorite of racing and non-racing fans. With 4×4 EVO 2 hitting the market, it was hoped they created this type of game but unfortunately, it falls short in the same way most of its competition does by not giving a complete performance.

4×4 EVO 2 is an off road racing simulator mixed with additional options for mission based races. The game flows by finishing races and collecting prize money, which can be spent buying new vehicles or upgrades. In particular, all the vehicles offered in the game reflect actual vehicles giving the potential to select almost an SUV or truck you can imagine.

However, there are issues with the game that hold it back. The graphics are average and have moments where the laws of physics are ignored. Other issues like getting stuck in an endless loop can also cause frustration as restarting the vehicle after you get stuck sometimes drops you in the same area that you were just trapped in.

Still, 4×4 EVO 2 at least keeps pace with most of the current competition on the market. Although most non-racing fans won’t have much to do with it, those who enjoy off road racing that are looking for something new might give it a try.